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Tournament Registration

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. If you do not have a Venmo, please add the form of payment you plan to utilize within the “notes” section.

I use this to send out the tournament information. This includes the pools, scheduling, and any other pertinent information.
Don't use hyphens (eg. 5555555555). I only use this if I need to get ahold of a captain/parent on tournament day. I will NEVER save or use these numbers for advertising.
Please provide the city that the majority of your team is from. This helps me set start times (I try and give later starts to teams from further away), and ensures your pool is filled with teams from other cities!
This field will only be filled out for youth, and teams with alternates.
Please submit your Venmo payment to @dbqvball BEFORE completing this registration form.
Will you be paying another way outside of Venmo? Let me know! Can not accept payment day of.