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Grass Rules

  1. No refs, so call your own ball handling, nets, etc. Please be considerate about this!
  2. Three sets to 21 each. Play a third no matter what (League Only).
  3. Switch every 7 points, unless both teams agree that you don’t want to.
  4. No open hand tips.
  5. Let serves are NOT legal.
  6. Shoulders square to the flight of path (not square to net) when setting over.
  7. Two timeouts per match are allowed.
  8. No cleats (trail shoes ARE legal).
  9. The poles are out; please think of these as the antenna.
  10. If you don’t agree on a call, replay the point.
  11. Please report the scores on the clipboard or message me if you forget write it down (League Only).

Indoor Rules

We will be following the current USAV ruleset for all indoor play.